Best way to decorate wedding with flowers

Flowers, in Indian Hindu culture, are thought of as auspicious and promising assets to bring luck and best wishes in one’s life. This is the reason why in Indian wedding, flowers are used to decorate the houses, party spots, wedding stage and even wedding car. Even in other religions and countries, flowers are immensely used to décor their wedding site.

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To start off the adornment of the wedding spot one can start from the main entrance. Entrance of the party hall or lawn can be decorated with different colors and types of flowers like lily, roses, sunflower and many others. Some green leaves can also be set at the background of these combination. The two sides of the main gate can be crammed up with the bouquets. These bouquets can be a handmade. Furthermore, rows of small bouquets can be set at the two sides of the way leading to the main hall or lawn.

Coming to the wedding stage, small red roses can be made hung on the stage and the background can be covered with the net of night queen flowers plus marigold flower at the borders. Night queen flowers are very strong attracting in smell. In between the net, few red roses along with green leaves can be stuck so as to make the combination of red, white and yellow. Flowers of these colors are mostly offered to gods in India.

For the pair who is planning to set their marriage in a church can also use these wonderful decorating materials to ornament their wedding site. The entrance of the church can be decorated with green leaves with collections of white or pink roses with it. Cars of the groom in both the cultures can be decorated with chain of white flowers with small bouquet in front and at roof of the car. The can also be set at the back of the vehicle.

Going with the costume of bride, white roses are most likely to be suitable for the décor of the church hall. White roses along with pink or pale roses would also create a timbre in embossing. The stage can be embellished with the same combination with green leaves and balloons. A centerpiece for the wedding stage can also be selected as per the area of the cathedral.


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